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most sports like mouse pad

We will treat orders from Chinese-Americans as canceled.
The reason is that there are many chargeback fraud.
If you are dissatisfied,Please complain about FAN AN (2202 Arcdale Ave,Rowland Heights,California, USA).

Recent example | FAN AN(2202 Arcdale Ave,Rowland Heights,California, USA) made two chargeback fraud.

e-Sports mouse pad

e-Sports is a sport, is not it !?

Athletes do not miss the difference of 0.1mm, 0.1g.
For example, the characteristics of the rubber of the table tennis racket are various. The athlete chooses the characteristic suited to him and exchanges frequently. ICHIRO replaces it with a new one if spike shoes are used three times.
Athletes are extremely sensitive to tools. E-Sports is a sport. And the most sports-like gaming mouse pad is ARTISAN.

this mouse pad use on 50 countory

A tracking surface that blows away all traditional conventions

Traditional mousepads have all used standard tracking surfaces.

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Smooth glyding unslowed by sweaty palms or humidity

Have you ever experienced heavy glyding due to "sweaty palms or humidity?"

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An innovative middle layer(sponge portion)

High performance on a different level than any other company's mousepad.

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A "4mm" thick middle layer is fundamental

With the thin sponge layers in low cost mousepads, it's the same as having none at all.

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Mousepad slippage is completely prevented

The world's best non-slip sole.

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The world's first and only multi-hardness feature

This single surface features 3 types of hardness - XSOFT/SOFT/MID.

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