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- Light glide to ensure agility.
- Flatness to ensure accuracy in your aim.
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We create the innovative mouse pads in the world

In our pursuit for high performance, we exceed past conventional mouse pads though the technologies from Approach and TRIBOLOGY, whom which are companies that devout their efforts to studying friction. Together our innovations have created a world class material and design for you to use to optimize your game performance. Shoot out a wall with our optimized mouse pads for game winning performances on FPS games.

We are Artisan - a Japanese gaming mouse pad specialty company. In 2011, we earnestly began our production.
Seeking to go beyond the scientific barriers that held back existing competitor's products we, through research and with further advanced technologies, pursue to bring you the true e-sports mouse pad.

We ship an item via Japan Post Express Mail International (EMS)

The shortest lead time will be 3 business days from ship out.

*It depends on country, customs processing time.

Also, Tariff (duty) rate is different depending on the country.

The package is traceable by the tracking number.

We basically do not accept the return of products.

If there is an initial defect, please send an email of the detail and its picture.
After it is admitted as a defective by our company, we will send a replacement. No need to return the defect item.

The payment method is via PayPal to make a payment safely.

We doubt open-cell foams(sponge) which has a big fault

The lack of homogeneity in the foam causes for undulations on the surface which disturbs movement tracking due to the integration of the material into the surfaces of traditional mouse pads.

Our mats come at 10 times the production cost

Our mats come at 10 times the production cost of these open-cell foam sponges however there are no undulations on our mat surfaces. This technology allows our mats to provide you with ultrahigh accuracy and resilience which brings high responsiveness.

Polyester using thin yarn brings light glide

Polyester using thin yarn brings light glide and it is the best for the mouse pad. Since Nylon is hygroscopic material, it is affected by sweat, humid.

We do not print the entire surface by using the pigment ink

To print the entire surface of the mouse pad has a lot of problem. The print part brings convexo-concave surface, and it changes glide by the part.


The cloth type is royal road of mouse pad. like a shark skin

HIEN popular in handiness. Flagship HAYATE. The multi hardness

Cloth (textile)


The cloth type is royal road of mouse pad. The smooth feel

Qck VS ZERO. RAIDEN of the fastest of cloth type. Quick and smooth

Cloth (knitted)


Glass coating is the world's only. Fusion of fast glide with stopping

Fast glide and ultra smooth. will not break when dropped. Speed are 2 kind

Glass coating


Outgrow from the variant sole that have the question of scientifically

Scientifically reasonable shape and size. Sole by new ideas

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Cloth type of strongest in the world

Innovative cloth type

World's only Glass coating

The glide of the fastest

Qck killer

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