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Behaviour of mouse

Please note that, not 100% of mouse are guaranteed to work with our mouse pad.
In case of mouse malfunction, please contact mouse manufacture..

Surface Glass coating. Fast and smooth gliding.
Middle layer Ultra-flat special structure single foam urethane foam
Anti-slip Embossed sucker structure
Size L 420 x 330 x 4 mm
M 310 x 240 x 4 mm
S 240 x 210 4 mm
Hardness XSOFT

| Thickness of the middle layer(sponge) affects operability

When playing game, gamer continuously moving the mouse for a long time.
For the FPS games, stopping is also very important.
Mouse pad thickness will affect these operability greatly.
Player must have at least 3mm thickness.
Therefore, ARTISAN deploys 4mm (MID: hard type uses 3mm) thickness.

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SHIDEN XSOFT : Glass coating

Model : SHD-XS



| There is a difference between display color and actual color

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[Product description]

  • World most advanced sports mouse pad
    One and only, “running surface / ultra-flat intermediate layer / 3 hardness / sucker structure anti-slip sole". Sports pad to win the game.
    The sports pad for win in the game.
  • The only glass coating in the world
    Coating micro-glass beads to cloth. Fusion of cloth with glass. The unbreakable when dropped. Available roll up.

    *Important Please roll up as surface is on the outside.
    If roll up to reverse white streaks will occur in the surface.
  • Fast glide
    Fast glide as similar to the resin.
  • Smooth glide
    It is not a slip of the resin distinctive rough and rough feel. Glide is smooth such as smooth texture of gypsum.
  • The stability which does not lose in resin system
    The biggest feature of the resin is stable movement by solid like glide. Glass coating have also flexible operability such as cloth.
  • Hardness : XSOFT
    Due to the softness, resistance tend to occur like go over the mountain. Speed suppressed and easily operable. Soft operability prevent damage from long hours of playing.
    Ideal for those stopping is the priority.

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